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Director of Pathology, Consultant Pathologist

Andreas Mamilos

Andreas Mamilos

Dr. med. Andreas Mamilos studied medicine at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, where he also began his specialty training in Pathology (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kirkpatrick). He continued his specialty training at the University of Regensburg in Bavaria (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Evert), where he also worked as a researcher and academic associate.

During his residency he was trained in medical autopsies, histopathology, cytology and molecular pathology.

His doctoral thesis was in the field of biomaterials and biocompatibility he studied the pathomechanism of macrophages in the formation of peritoneal adhesions. At the University of Regensburg he took part in several research projects, inclusive research in the fields of GvHD and tumor microenviroment.

After 17 years of studying and working in Germany, he returned to his homeland and took over as the new director of the (Histo-)Pathology Department.

In addition to his diagnostic capacity, he will also continue his research at our center, as well as with other partners who would like to collaborate.

To this day he remains member of research community and scientific assistant of the University of Regensburg and frequently travels to Germany to lecture medical, dentistry, and molecular biology students.

  • 2007 – 2014: Medicine at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 
  • 2013 – 2018: Doctorate with the title "The Macrophages in the Development and Prevention of Intraperitoneal Adhesions - Their Pathophysiological Relevance" Grade: "magna cum laude" (1,0 excellent) 
  • 2013 – 2016: Medical Excellence Fellowship of the Manfred Lautenschläger Foundation
  • 2014: Medical registration
  • Doctorate: “The macrophages in the development and prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions - Their pathophysiological relevance" under supervision of Prof. Dr. med. mult. C.J. Kirkpatrick (REPAIR-lab, former director of the Institute of Pathology, University Medical Center Mainz). An experimental research in cooperation with: University of Regensburg, Institute of Pathology, REPAIR-Lab, Germany, Harvard Medical School, Department of Gynecology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, United States, University Medical Center Mainz, Institute of Pathology, Germany, University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy, Department of Biomaterials, Sweden, German Institute of Textile and Fiber Research, Denkendorf , Germany 
  • Since 2011 member of the working group Cartilage-Tissue-Engineering and the group "in situ" - research of the REPAIR-lab in Mainz and Regensburg
  • Since 2014 research assistant of the Scientific Group AG Brochhausen, REPAIR-lab, Member of the Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
  • Since 2018 Research on the Immune-checkpoint inhibitor therapy for squamous cell carcinomas and Medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) in cooperation with the Clinic of Maxillofacial surgery of the University hospital of Regensburg.
  • Since 2021 Member of SFB Transregio 221 (Collaborative Research Centre (Regensburg, Erlangen, Würzburg)/Transregio (CRC/TR) 221: Innovative immune modulation strategies to separate GvHD from GvL effects in order to enhance the safety and efficacy of allo-HSCT in the future) and reference histopathologist for Graft versus Host – Disease. 
  • Points of Interest: GvHD, squamous cell carcinoma, Immuno-checkpoint inhibitors, inflammation, biomaterials, tissue regeneration, bone and cartilage regeneration, wound healing, macrophages

    1. Course of pathology for medical Students, University Medical Center Mainz (2014 -2015)
    2. Lectures and Course of Pathology for medical students including topics of pathogenesis of diseases, macroscopy of surgical pathology specimens, histopathological training and molecular pathology, University of Regensburg (Since 2015)
    3. Lectures and Course of Pathology for dentistry students, University of Regensburg (Since 2015)
    4. Lectures and Course of Pathology for molecular biology students, University of Regensburg (Since 2017)
    5. Clinic-Pathological-Conferences for medical students: Gynecological pathology (Since 2016)
    6. Clinic-Pathological-Conference for dentistry students: Maxillofacial surgical pathology (Since 2017)

  • Co-author of the accompanying script "Pathology" to the course of Pathology at the University Medical Center Mainz. The script serves as a histological and histopathological atlas for the preparation and follow-up of the courses and lectures in the field of pathology at the University Medical Center Mainz.
  • PATE - Virtual Microscopy Mainz and Regensburg: Co-supervision of the website for virtual microscopy of anatomical-pathological sections. The collection is based on the preparations that are discussed as part of the Pathology course at the Mainz University Medical Center and at the University of Regensburg. The collection sees itself as a forum for instructive histopathological preparations.
  • 2021 – Today: Certification of screening units as part of the statutory breast cancer screening program (each year with successfully achieved examination for the certification)
  • 2018 – 2021 Member of the Lead Panel for the Mismatch Repair Enzymes (MLH1, MSH2, MSH6, PMS2), MLH1-Promotormethylation and microsatellite instability for hereditary colon and endometrial carcinomas and Lynch-Syndrom of QuIP®, Quality Assurance of Initiative Pathology in Germany
  • Participation in Interdisciplinary Tumorboards (weekly):
    • Interdisciplinary senological tumor board of the Breast Cancer Center Mainz, University Medical Center Mainz (2014-2015) and of the Breast Cancer Center of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2015)
    • Interdisciplinary tumor board for malignant Head and Neck-Tumors of the Head and Neck Tumor Center of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2017)
    • Interdisciplinary tumor board for Prostate and Urological Tumors of the Urological Center of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2017) 
    • Interdisciplinary tumor board for malignant Lung-, Pleural- and Mediastinal-Tumors of the Lung-Tumor-Center of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2018)
    • Interdisciplinary tumor board for Sarcomas of the Sarcoma Center of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2019)
    • Interdisciplinary tumor board for Abdominal Tumors (Intestines, Liver, Bile ducts and Pancreas) of the General Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2019)
    • Interdisciplinary Hematology board for Leukemias and Lymphomas of the Hematology Clinic of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2019)
    • Interdisciplinary molecular tumor board for solid tumors of the University Hospital of Regensburg (since 2020)
  • Successfully completed courses for the evaluation of PD-L1 in different solid tumors.
  • Successfully completed courses of the International Academy of Pathology (Selection):
    • Head and Neck Pathology  (Lecturers: A. Agaimy, Erlangen, D. Baumhoer, CH-Basel, F. Haller, Erlangen, A. Hartmann, Erlangen, S. Ihrler, München, O. Guntinas-Lichius, Jena, G. Klöppel, München, W. Weichert, München)
    • Inflammatory diseases in the lower gastrointestinal tract (Lecturers: C. Langner, Graz / Österreich F. Offner, Feldkirch / Österreich)
    • Cytology of the cervix uteri (Lecturers: H. Griesser, Köln, Katrin Marquardt, Schwerin, J. Möckel, Freiburg)
    • Pathology of the Breast (LS270) (Lecturers: Annette Lebeau, Lübeck, F. Länger, Hannover, H.-P. Sinn, Heidelberg, H.H. Kreipe, Hannover, T. Decker, Neubrandenburg)
    • Pathology of the Prostate: tumors and diseases (Lecturers: G. Kristiansen, BonnL. Egevad, Stockholm / Schweden)
    • Carcinoma Subtypes of the Large Intestine Including Appendix and Their Precursors (Lecturers: T. Kirchner, München, D. Horst, Berlin, J. Neumann, München)
    • Tumors of the testis (LS325) (Lecturers: Bremmer, Göttingen, S. Schweyer, Starnberg)
    • Tumors of the kidney (LS 261) (Lecturers: A. Agaimy, Erlangen, A. Hartmann, Erlangen, Kerstin Amann, Erlangen)
    • Tumors of the thyroid gland (LS 31) (Lecturers: K.W. Schmid, Essen, Sien-Yi Sheu-Grabellus, Recklinghausen, Update 2015)

Research Articles and Case Reports:

  1. Mamilos A., Lein A, Winter L, Ettl T, Künzel J, Reichert TE, Spanier G, Brochhausen C. Tumor Immune Microenvironment Heterogeneity at the Invasion Front and Tumor Center in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma as a Perspective of Managing This Cancer Entity J Clin Med. 2023 Feb 20,12(4):1704. doi: 10.3390/jcm12041704.
  2. Mamilos A., Lein, A., Winter, L., Haas, M., Reichert, T.E., Ettl, T., Künzel, J., Spanier, G., Brochhausen, C. Immunohistochemical Assessment of Microvessel Density in OSCC: Spatial Heterogeneity of Angiogenesis and Its Impact on Survival. Biomedicines 2023,11,2724. 10.3390/biomedicines11102724 
  3. Mamilos A., Spörl S, Spanier G, Ettl T, Brochhausen C, Klingelhöffer C The first quantitative histomorphological analyses of bone vitality and inflammation in surgical specimens of patients with medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw. J Oral Pathol Med. 2020 Sep 18. J Oral Pathol Med. 2021 Jan,50(1):76-84. doi: 10.1111/jop.13112. Epub 2020 Oct 1
  4. Michaelides I, Künzel J, Ettl T, Beckhove P, Bohr C, Brochhausen C, Mamilos A. Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the salivary glands: a pilot study of potential therapeutic targets and characterization of the immunological tumor environment and angiogenesis. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2023 Mar 1. doi: 10.1007/s00405-023-07884-3. 
  5. Mamilos, A., Matzaroglou, C., Maier, G.S., Zawy Alsofy, S., Drees, P., Kafchitsas, K. Vitamin D Deficiency in Orthopedic Patients in Different Latitudes—First Study Comparing German and Greek Populations. Osteology 2023, 3, 11–20. osteology3010002
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  7. Matos C, Mamilos A., Shah PN, Meedt E, Weber D, Ghimire S, Hiergeist A, Gessner A, Dickinson A, Dressel R, Walter L, Stark K, Heid IM, Poeck H, Edinger M, Wolff D, Herr W, Holler E, Kreutz M, Ghimire S Downregulation of the vitamin D receptor expression during acute gastrointestinal graft versus host disease is associated with poor outcome after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Front Immunol. 2022 Oct 20,13:1028850. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2022.1028850. eCollection 2022.
  8. Babel M, Mamilos A., Seitz S, Niedermair T, Weber F, Anzeneder T, Ortmann O, Dietmaier W, Brochhausen C Compared DNA and RNA quality of breast cancer biobanking samples after long-term storage protocols in - 80 °C and liquid nitrogen. Sci Rep. 2020 Sep 1,10(1):14404. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-71441-9.
  9. Spoerl S, Gerken M, Mamilos A., Fischer R, Wolf S, Nieberle F, Klingelhöffer C, Meier JK, Spoerl S, Ettl T, Reichert TE, Spanier G Lymph node ratio as a predictor for outcome in oral squamous cell carcinoma: a multicenter population-based cohort study. Clin Oral Investig. 2020 Aug 4. doi: 10.1007/s00784-020-03471-6. 
  10. Barsch F, Mamilos A., Babel M, Wagner WL, Winther HB, Schmitt VH Hierlemann H, Teufel A, Brochhausen C.  Semiautomated quantification of the fibrous tissue response to complex three-dimensional filamentous scaffolds using digital image analysis. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2022 Feb,110(2):353-364. doi: 10.1002/jbm.a.37293. Epub 2021 Aug 14.PMID: 34390322
  11. Grevenstein D, Mamilos A., Schmitt VH, Niedermair T, Wagner W, Kirkpatrick CJ, Brochhausen C. Excellent histological results in terms of articular cartilage regeneration after spheroid-based autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI).  Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2020 Apr 10. doi: 10.1007/s00167-020-05976-9. . Epub 2020 Apr 10.PMID: 32277263.
  12. Schmitt VH, Mamilos A., Schmitt C, Neitzer–Planck CN, Rajab TK, Hollemann D, Wagner W, Krämer B, Hierlemann H, James Kirkpatrick C, Brochhausen C. Tissue response to five commercially available peritoneal adhesion barriers–A systematic histological evaluation. J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater. 2017 Mar 6. doi: 10.1002/jbm.b.33835. 
  13. Barsch F, Mamilos A., Schmitt VH, Babel M, Winter L, Wagner W, Winther H, Ottomann C, Niedermair T, Schreml S, Hierlemann H, Brochhausen C. In Vivo Comparison of Synthetic Macroporous Filamentous and Sponge-like Skin Substitute Matrices Reveals Morphometric Features of the Foreign Body Reaction According to 3D Biomaterial Designs. Cells. 2022 Sep 11,11(18):2834. doi: 10.3390/cells11182834.
  14. Mamilos A., Schmitt VH, Hollemann D, Rajab TK, Hierlemann H, Kirkpatrick CJ, Brochhausen C. The Macrophages in the Development and Prevention of Peritoneal Adhesions - Their Pathophysiological Relevance/Die Makrophagen bei der Entstehung und Prävention intraperitonealer Adhäsionen - ihre pathophysiologische Relevanz Pathologe (2019) 40 (Suppl 1)
  15. Mamilos A., Schmitt VH, Krämer B, Planck CN, Hierlemann H., Brochhausen C. The number of M2 macrophages does not correlate with the extent of fibrosis in peritoneal adhesions-an animal study/Die Anzahl an M2–Makrophagen korreliert nicht mit dem Ausmaß an Fibrose in peritonealen Adhäsionen–eine Tierstudie. Pathologe (2017) 38(Suppl 1): 132 doi:10.1007/s00292–017–0295–8 
  16. Mamilos A., Evert M, Hofmann HS, Verloh N, Utpatel K. Case Report: A Thymic Carcinoma of the Pleura with Mesothelioma-Imitating Growth Pattern: A Rarity/Ein Thymuskarzinom der Pleura mit Mesotheliom-imitierendem Wuchsmuster: eine Rarität Pathologe (2019) 40 (Suppl 1)
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  1. International Academy of Pathology (IAP), German division
  2. Federal Association of German Pathologists
  3. German Society of Pathologists
  4. TERMIS-Europe
  5. Workgroup of the German Paidopathology
  6. Cyprus medical council

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