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Compassion drives innovation

Medical Excellence – Centered on You

Our Philosophy

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  • Our mission
    is to provide leading patient-oriented healthcare, high quality education, along with ground-breaking research, by combining the German professionalism and technological excellence with the mediterranean empathy and joy for life.
  • Our vision
    to be one of the best medical institutes in Europe, based on our personalized patient care, the excellence of our people, latest technology, and research.

Our Board of Directors


Mr. Petros Michaelides , Accountant Finance


Prof. Dr. Nikolaos Zamboglou, Physician, CEO

Prof. Dr. Alexis Vrachimis, Physician

Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Ferentinos, Physician

Mr. Chris Georgiades – Lawyer

Mr. Kikis Kazamias – Economist, ex. Minister of Finance

Dipl. Ing. Vasilis Spiliadis – Mechanical engineer


The hospital’s administration directors, oversee the efficient functioning of all departments and ensures the delivery of high-quality healthcare services. Their responsibilities include strategic planning, staffing management, and fostering a supportive work environment for healthcare professionals. Through effective leadership and collaboration, the hospital administration plays a pivotal role in advancing the institution’s mission of providing accessible and compassionate healthcare to the community.

GMI Patient Experience

As humans, we have the tendency to believe that serious and unpleasant circumstances will never befall us, only others. That’s what I believed too, until I got my diagnosis. Unfortunately, no one will ever be ready to hear such painful and frightening news.

Our Centers

Our Disease Specific Centers

Our Departments

Medical Staff

Our Research

The GMI, as both a hospital and research center, works tiressly to conduct ground-breaking research that can directly benefit our patients and their treatment. Our compassion drives our innovationcommes from our ability to understand each of our patient’s needs, both those voiced and those unspoken. These needs guide our way forward, driving our team to take on challenging medical issues and to come up with original solutions.

Patient Support and Paramedical Teams

24-hour Emergency Helpline

(+357) 25 208 000

Emergencies are not yet accredited of the General Health Care System

(+357) 25 208 000

Emergencies are not yet accredited of the General Health Care System.


Dr. Aris Angouridis

About me:

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