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International Breast Center


What is the best strategy against cancer? This question is asked particularly frequently in oncology. One answer is: Knowledge. Patients now come from all over the world to take advantage of new, effective drugs or the latest treatment strategies before they become the general standard.
We have also set global standards in the field of plastic and reconstructive breast surgery with the development and establishment of special forms of surgery e.g. in implant surgery, breast reduction etc.

Why Choose the GMI:

Prof. Kümmel serves as the Chairman of the Interdisciplinary Breast Unit of German Medical Institute in Limassol, where his leadership extends across various facets of breast cancer care and research. In addition to his administrative roles, Prof. Kümmel leads the breast cancer research programs in the largest Women´s Cancer Center in Germany, spearheading innovative investigations aimed at advancing treatment modalities. As head of Clinical Investigations and Trials, he plays a pivotal role in integrating clinical practices with cutting-edge research.

In addition to his work, Prof. Kümmel is an Executive Board Member of the Gynaecological Oncology Working Group (AGO) and a Scientific Director of the West German Study Group (WSG), an academic study group for breast cancer.

He qualified as an Extraordinary Professor at the medical school of Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.

Prof. Kümmel is a faculty member of ESMO for breast cancer and a member of the ESMO Scientific Committee.

Reflecting his commitment to breast cancer surgery, Prof. Kümmel is a member of both the Scientific Board of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (OPBC) and the scientific committee of national and international symposia in breast cancer and surgical oncology.
In addition to his role as an Executive Board member of the AGO, he is also a speaker for its Commission for Integrative Medicine (AGIMed) a member of its organ commission (AGO Mamma).

As head of clinical investigations and trials at the Essen-Mitte Clinics in Germany, Dr Kümmel is a global Principal Investigator. He has been Chief Investigator for 33 national and international Phase 1–3 clinical studies, Principal Investigator for 85 Phase 1b–3 clinical studies. He has also served as sub investigator for 34 Phase 2–3 clinical studies.

As a member of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC), Prof. Kümmel is participant in several national and international steering committees, including involvement in the Steering Committee, protocol group, or IDMC of 44 national and international Phase 1–3 clinical trials.

Dr Kümmel has published extensively on breast cancer surgery and treatment and has co-authored over 276 publications and almost 68 books and chapters. As a renowned speaker, Dr Kummel has presented over 320 congress abstracts and proceedings and given more than 1100 presentations and lectures.

Dr Kümmel qualified as a doctor from Humboldt University Berlin in 1997 and gained a PhD from University Hospital Essen in 2008. Since 2018, he has been Extraordinary Professor of the Medical School of University Hospital Charité at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.

The Team

Prof. Dr. med. Sherko Kuemmel, MD PhD

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